THIS COURSE IS FOR INSTITUTIONS - for cohorts that have been commissioned by Universities and Research Institutions.

IF YOU ARE AN INDIVIDUAL wishing to take the online course - An Academic Mindset - is for you.

Learn to identify self-sabotaging thought processes that underlie perfectionism, imposter syndrome, worry, low motivation, and uncertainty and begin to reframe them.

Learn how to identify maladaptive coping strategies (e.g. avoidance and procrastination) that tend to impede our success, and explore more effective (and healthier) short and long-term strategies.

Hi, I’m Desiree

Having been a postdoc in the neurosciences and as a clinical psychologist, I have worked at both ends of the spectrum from (lab) bench to bedside. These days, I specialise in academic mental health and well-being - helping academic institutions, research groups, and individuals in the pursuit of a healthier way to do research.